New House Speaker is friendly with oil and gas industry


If there is one thing that newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson brings with him in his new leadership capacity, it is that he is a longtime ally of the oil and gas industry. Plus, he has the support of Oklahoma’s delegation in the House.

Afterall, he comes from Louisiana, home to the Haynesville play where such Oklahoma firms as Chesapeake Energy are key players. No doubt, the oil and gas industry is hopeful that Johnson will use his newfound power to support oil and gas explorations in an effort to blunt President Biden’s Green Power efforts to kill the industry.

His district includes the former oil industry hub of Shreveport and as an example of his support, Johnson received a 100 percent rating in 2022 from the pro-fossil fuel American Energy Alliance.

The Hill reported that PACS and others with the oil and gas industry donated $23,800 to him in the 2023-2024 campaign cycle. The news group attributed the figures from

Johnson drew the support of every Republican in the House during Wednesday’s vote.

Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas called Johnson a true conservative and a principled leader.

Congressman Frank Lucas (OK-03) released the following statement after voting for Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04) as the next Speaker of the House.

” I look forward to getting the House back in order so that we can tackle the issues facing our country at home and abroad,” said Congressman Frank Lucas. “Like my colleagues in Washington and my constituents in Oklahoma, I am excited for this next chapter of leadership in our country.”

Rep. Tom Cole also voted for Johnson and called him an “instrumental leader in the Republican Conference” during his time in office.

“ A principled Louisianan, he has a plan to finish the House’s work and secure the southern border. I have full faith in his ability to lead this body and look forward to working with him.”

Rep. Stephanie Bice had been a strong supporter of Johnson and earlier in the year gave the nomination speech for him to be Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference.

Representative Stephanie Bice (OK-05) presses witnesses over misconduct in  the DC 2020 election - YouTube

Democracy is messy; however, it is crucial that we abandon the idea of pitting us against one another. Now is the time to come together and continue pushing our pro-American and pro-growth agenda. We must be laser focused. Let’s get back to work,” said Bice in a statement from her office.

Congressman Josh Brecheen was another supporter and said Johnson is admired because of his integrity, humility and commitment to put the best interests of the country over his own political self-interest.

“ A former constitutional lawyer who worked on religious liberty issues, Rep. Johnson is a man who has a deep rudder of faith and understands that our nation must return to founding principles. I was honored to vote for him and congratulate him on being elected Speaker,” said Brecheen.

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