Kansas town about to run out of water amidst severe drought


The drought in Oklahoma is one thing, but the drought in southeast Kansas is so severe that one town along the border expects to be out of water by Christmas.

Things are so desperate in Caney, a city of 2,000, that stockpiles of bottled water sit in front of the town hall.

“This is the worst it’s been since any of us have been alive,” City Manager Kelley Zellner told the Kansas Reflector.

Caney gets its water from the Little Caney River, but it’s so low that the water has become stagnant. A diner at the edge of town lists bottled water on the restaurant’s specials published at the front door. The menus explain that tap water cannot be served with the meals.

The town’s swimming pool has been closed since July. So has the town’s only car wash.

That’s how desperate the situation is.

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