OGE prepares to launch pilot EV tariff program

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company is closer to implementation of a pilot EV tariff for General Service, Fleet and Public Schools.

The proposed tariff is part of the company’s settlement of a requested rate hike in 2021. As part of the stipulation, OG&E was required to file the pilot tariffs within 9 months of receiving a final order on the original case, which was made in September of last year.

The purpose of this Pilot Program is to provide General Service, Fleet, and PublicSchool customers with an option to charge their electric vehicles at a reduced rate during offpeak hours, while also separately metering this unique EV fleet usage to determine how it will impact the OG&E distribution system infrastructure,” explained Bryan J. Scott, OGE’s Director of Pricing and Load Analysis during testimony offered in the matter.

He said the subscribers will have the option to charge their electric vehicles at a significantly reduced rate during the super off-peak period, which is between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. The super off-peak period base rate kWh price is reduced nearly 50% from the otherwise applicable price.

OG&E is proposing these options for its Public Service, General Service, and Fleet customers to encourage electric vehicle charging during times when the electric system is underutilized away from system peaks, which enables greater system utilization,” added Scott.
He testified it will also allow OG&E to gather information by metering the EV customers to understand the impact to the electric from electric vehicles.
As proposed by OG&E, the tariff will close to new subscribers June 1, 2026 at which time the utility plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the EV Pilot Program.
Corporation Commissioners voted this week in support of an order granting notice requirements for the launch of the EV program.