Summer driving is here—so what about gasoline prices?

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The start of summer is nearly here, and drivers are finding prices far lower than last year.

AAA Oklahoma reported that lackluster demand and low oil costs are keeping gas prices relatively stable.  The national average for a gallon of gas remained stable since last week at $3.58, which is $1.43 less than a year ago. In Oklahoma, the gas average is $3.20, down one penny in the last week and $1.47 lower than one year ago.

According to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand decreased slightly from 9.22 to 9.19 million b/d last week. Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks increased by 2.1 million bbl to 220.9 million bbl. Lower gas demand amid increasing supply has helped to limit pump price increases. If demand remains tepid, pump prices will likely fluctuate moderately through next week.

Summer driving season is kicking off, but many may not be going anywhere


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Crude Oil

$71.70 per barrel (06/16/23)

$70.17 per
barrel (06/09/23)

$109.56 per
barrel (06/17/22)

At the close of Friday’s formal trading session, WTI crude oil settled at $71.70, up 2% on the week. Oil prices had declined the previous two weeks due to market concerns about the U.S. Federal Reserve resuming interest rate increases, which could tip the economy into a recession. If a recession occurs, oil demand and prices will likely decline.

The Weekend

“We may be in a bit of a demand lull heading into the July Fourth holiday,” said Rylie Mansuetti, AAA Oklahoma spokesperson. “Drivers are benefitting financially, with 20 gallons of gas costing nearly $30 less than last year. And with the cost for oil low, drivers will find pump prices that are flat or drifting slightly lower for now.”

Source: AAA release