Oklahoma launches study of alternative highway funding

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A statewide transportation research project mandated by the Oklahoma legislature is getting underway with a pilot project and it needs some help from Oklahomans across the state.

It is called Fair Miles Oklahoma, an Oklahoma Department of Transportation research program aimed at identifying alternative approaches to funding the state’s transportation needs.

The pay-per-mile pilot program seeks to explore potential revenue streams for the state’s roads and bridges while promoting fairness and sustainability.

On-going increases in fuel efficiency, combined with the transition to alternative fuels and electric vehicles, will decrease available fuel tax revenues to fund Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure maintenance and future innovation. Fair Miles Oklahoma, mandated by the state legislature with the adoption of HB 1712, seeks to explore alternative funding options to replace the state fuel tax.

Fair Miles Oklahoma seeks tribal participants - The Oklahoma 100

The pay-per-mile pilot project is limited to only 500 participants who will report their mileage monthly for six months starting now. During the course of the pilot, participants will be asked to complete five short surveys and will receive a $10 gift card after each completed survey, totaling $50 in gift cards. 

Participants will be selected to maximize both vehicle fuel type and geographic diversity to gain an understanding of how such a program might function across a diverse range of Oklahoma drivers. 

Results from the Fair Miles Oklahoma pay-per-mile pilot project will help guide the state as it seeks fair and sustainable sources of revenue to fund maintenance and improvements in the state’s transportation infrastructure, including roads and bridges, for the future.

To volunteer as a participant and shape the future of funding for safe roads and bridges in Oklahoma, sign up at www.fairmilesok.com. Visit the website to learn more about the Fair Miles Oklahoma pilot project.