Energy updates from Sen. Lankford

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In his latest newsletter to constituents, Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford focused on some energy matters—paying less at the pump, Iran’s nuclear program and preserving the nation’s power grid supply chain. He also referred to the Waters of the U.S. Supreme court decision.

  • Paying Less at the Pump – As I predicted, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” was just a front for progressives to slip through Congress their Green New Deal priorities, including a new tax on oil and gas. Oklahoma families, farmers, industry, and business rely on oil and gas for everyday work. Biden’s own experts admit that by 2050—as far out as they’re willing to predict—we will need at least as much traditional energy as we use now. We should work on lowering prices for Oklahoma families, not punishing them with more taxes. CLICK HERE to read about my bill to get rid of this new tax that is punishing Oklahomans for Biden’s campaign promises.
  • Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program – As the people of Iran continue to protest for freedom, I continue to call for the Iranian regime to be held accountable if they pursue nuclear weapons. Iran is the destabilizing force in the Middle East. CLICK HERE to read about my push with 25 Senators to deter Iran from advancing its nuclear weapon capability to bring greater stability to the Middle East and the world.
  • Preserving Our Power Grid Supply Chain – Currently, the US only has one domestic producer of what’s known as “amorphous steel,” which Biden’s Department of Energy wants to use as the new core for our high voltage electric transformers to increase efficiency less than one percent as part of his environmentalist agenda. This will push production of transformers to even more foreign suppliers since our sole domestic supplier would have to go from producing its current market share of less than five percent to immediately providing the amorphous steel for the entire distribution transformer market. Changing our supply chain will further delay manufacturing, which is already delayed a minimum of 18 months to two years. There’s no need for this. CLICK HERE to read my letter to Energy Secretary Granholm pushing back on their proposed mistake.
  • Stopping the Waters of the US Overreach – All Oklahomans want clean, safe water. President Biden tried to recently redefine the water rights in America, especially rural America, to give the President almost complete control over the land and water use of almost every inch of Oklahoma. Thankfully , the Supreme Court stepped in to stop the Administration’s massive overreach and affirm private and local control over most of the waters of the United States, not the Washington bureaucracy. CLICK HERE to read more on my strong stand against the Waters of the US rule and my support for the Supreme Court’s decision to stop it.