Energy issues to be part of Oklahoma Senate’s summer interim studies

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Energy issues ranging from Electric Vehicle challenges to nuclear power plants will be among the dozens of requests approved for interim studies to be held by the Oklahoma Senate

Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City,  announced the approval of 61 interim study requests that will be discussed during the legislative interim. The studies will be heard before their respective committees for further consideration. Treat said it is now at the discretion of each committee chair whether to schedule the study.

Pro Tem Treat said interim studies will occur over the summer months and must conclude by November 3.

“All of these interim studies include matters of importance to the Oklahomans we serve,” Pro Tem Treat said.

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“Senators have submitted their ideas that deal with items that either weren’t passed during regular session or that are evolving issues that need more research and evaluation that can be developed into policy worthy of being passed into law. These are forward looking projects and bring opportunities for each committee to help make Oklahoma a better state. I appreciate my Senate colleagues for submitting these requests and I look forward to seeing the results of each one.”

After committee chairs finalize interim study requests, hearing dates and times will be set and can be found on the Senate website. Meeting notices will be sent by Senate committees once scheduled. Hearings will also be livestreamed on the Senate website.

To view a list of the 2023 interim studies, click here.

Below is a list of the energy-related issues to be studied.
Update on Electric Vehicle charging in Oklahoma
Requestor: Boren
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Aeronautics and Transportation
Federal Clean Energy Incentives
Requestor: Boren
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Finance
Nuclear Capability for Power Plants
Requestor: Burns
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Energy and Telecommunications
Nuclear Power Plants
Requestor: Dahm
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Energy and Telecommunications
Crypto Mining Operations
Requestor: Montgomery
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Business and Commerce
Requestor: Prieto
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Energy and Telecommunications
ESG & Oklahoma’s Investments
Requestor: Rader
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Appropriations
Plants to Plastics
Requestor: Boren
Presentation & Reports: Not Available
Committee: Agriculture and Rural Affairs