Texas congressman says EPA plans to weaponize rules against Permian Basin

Will Environmentalists Succeed In Weaponizing The EPA Against Texas? | Texian Partisan


Talk about foot-dragging. It’s what Texas Congressman August Pfluger says he encountered with the Environmental Protection Agency as he attempted to confirm it’s threat to declare all of the Permian Basin a non-attainment area for ozone control.

The Odessa American reports that it took the Republican congressman more than a year to get a response from Earthea Nance, the EPA Region 6 administrator in Dallas.

“After a discussion with the EPA regional administrator, I have reason to believe that the EPA intends to issue a non-attainment designation for the Permian Basin,” the San Angelo Republican said from Washington. “The Biden administration has weaponized the EPA against the oil and gas industry and I will continue fighting tooth and nail on their behalf.”

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