Galvanic Energy promises more lithium exploration efforts following $100 million sale



Five years after Galvanic Energy was created in Oklahoma City, the company’s $100 million sale of holdings in southern Arkansas this week to ExxonMobil certainly put the firm in the nation’s energy headlines.

Founder Brent Wilson told OK Energy Today, “I can’t comment on the details of the sale, but I can confirm we did sell the prospect and continue to work on other exploration opportunities.”

In his brief statement, Wilson also indicated we haven’t heard the last from Galvanic Energy and its lithium development efforts.

“This was just our opening act and we are thrilled to be representing the best that Oklahomans have to offer.”

Galvanic just sold more than 120,000 gross acres of drilling rights in the Smackover Formation which is rich with brine from which lithium can be developed for EV battery production.

The Journal of Petroleum Technology described ExxonMobil’s large acquisition as “drilling for electric cars.”

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