AERO not giving up in electrical restructuring efforts in Oklahoma

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The head of a consumer-oriented group that advocates a restructuring of the way Oklahomans buy electricity vowed over the weekend not to give up in the effort, despite recent failure in the legislature.

Writing in The Oklahoman’s Viewpoints section, Mike Boyd with the Alliance for electrical Restructuring (AERO) declared, “AERO will continue to push for this policy change for as long as it takes, because we believe it is what is best for Oklahomans.”

AERO pushed for approval of a House Bill that would have allowed residential and business customers to select an electrical vendor of their choice. The organization said such a law would benefit consumers by allowing them to shop for cheaper electricity plans or plans with fixed rates.

But HB1602 ran into stiff opposition from the state’s major utilities and stalled in committee.

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