Turnpike Authority to be briefed on investigative audit move by Attorney General

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The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will consider Tuesday the move by State Attorney General Gentner Drummond to carry out an investigative audit of the giant transportation agency.

The item is one of many on the agenda for the meeting of the Authority. Director Tim Gatz is expected to give an update about the AG’s decision to the board during the 10:30 a.m. meeting.

It was nearly two weeks ago when the Attorney General asked State Auditor and Inspector Cindy Byrd to conduct the investigative audit of the Turnpike Authority, explaining he did so “amidst swirling allegations.”

“I have had many conversations over the past few months with legislators, community leaders, private citizens and state employees who have expressed a wide array of concerns with the financial conduct of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (“OTA”),” stated Drummond in his March 15 letter to Byrd.

“These concerns include but are not limited to improper transfers between the OTA and the Department of Transportation; improper contracting and purchasing practices; and inadequate internal financial controls.”