Quick review of other energy stories

** The Pentagon is sounding alarms over Biden administration plans to advance offshore wind projects along the central Atlantic US coast, warning that almost all of the new terrain eyed for development conflicts with military operations.

** A federal appeals court on Monday overturned Berkeley, California’s first-in-the-nation ban on natural gas in new construction, agreeing with restaurant owners who argued the city bypassed federal energy regulations when it approved the ordinance.

** Ten car models qualify for full electric vehicle tax credits for consumers under the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, according to a list released on Monday. The climate, tax and healthcare law lifted a cap on how many vehicles can qualify for the EV tax credits, but also added new stipulations on which vehicles qualify. 

** The House may take up an attempt to override President Biden’s veto of a disapproval resolution on a water pollution rule from his administration.

** U.S. consumers paid an estimated $13.4 billion in 2021 because congested transmission lines couldn’t deliver the lowest-cost power.



** Environmental groups have started legal action against the European Union’s executive branch in a bid to block a move to include natural gas and nuclear power generation on a list of sustainable activities. The list proposed by the European Commission drew fierce criticism and accusations of greenwashing.

** The Group of Seven rich nations on Sunday set big new collective targets for solar power and offshore wind capacity, agreeing to speed up renewable energy development and move toward a quicker phase-out of fossil fuels.

** Germany sees “a chance” that a deal to accelerate phasing out fossil fuels – similar to the one reached over the weekend by the Group of Seven rich nations – could be done at this year’s U.N. climate summit in Dubai, a senior government official said.

** The U.S. Treasury published a warning to U.S. companies on Monday of possible evasions of the Russian petroleum price cap of crude oil exported through the Eastern Siberia Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline and ports in eastern Russia.