Increasing gasoline prices reported across Oklahoma

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Gasoline prices are on the increase in Oklahoma and the U.S. and some analysts predict we’ll pay $4 to $5 a gallon this summer. Oklahoma’s up $3.08 a gallon, an increase of 7 cents in the past w eek while nationally the average also gained 7 cents to reach $3.50 per gallon.

GasBuddy says San Francisco and Los Angeles prices could get up to $7 per gallon if refineries run into problems with mandates requiring unique formulations of gasoline.

The Oklahoma average, one of the lowest in the region of adjacent states, compared to $3.04 a month ago and $3.76 from a year earlier according to AAA.

Lawton has the lowest city average at $2.95, but it is also 12 cents higher than last week. A year ago, drivers in and around Fort Sill paid $3.57 a gallon.

Oklahoma City’s average increased one cent to $3.07 per gallon, but it is also 7 cents higher than a month ago. Drivers in the city paid $3.64 a gallon a year earlier.

Tulsa drivers are paying an average of $3.06 a gallon but it is 18 cents higher than a week ago and 9 cents more than a month ago. A year ago, drivers in Tulsa paid an average of $3.57 per gallon.

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Coal County in the southeast is highest at $3.39 per gallon while Greer County’s average is $3.31 and the average in Ellis County is $3.29.

Grant County in the north at the state line has the lowest county average at $2.93 followed by Comanche County at $2.94, Tillman County at $3.01 and Beckham County at $3.02.

Oklahoma’s average of $3.08 compares to $3.09 in Arkansas, $3.12 in Kansas, $3.50 in Colorado, $3.42 in New Mexico, $3.15 in Texas and $3.14 in Missouri.