Rivian Delivers Electric Cargo Vans to Amazon in Oklahoma City

Amazon is rolling out a new fleet in the metro Oklahoma City area. The Rivian electric delivery vans have been spotted on the road. Local media outlets were invited to inspect the vehicles on Wednesday.

The sleek, new EDVs are equipped with larger cargo space and improved safety technology. A scheduled shift of deliveries can be completed on one single charge. Amazon has been adding the vehicles to its operational fleet since December. The company operates nearly three dozen EDVs from its station near SW 44th Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

Amazon invested more than $440 million exclusively in Rivian as it moves forward with plans to introduce 100,000 EDVs into its fleet by 2030. Ford, which operates its own E-Transit model, also invested nearly $1.2 billion in Rivian.

The new EDVs are part of Amazon’s effort to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable in its delivery operations.