Oklahoma Attorney General indicates second thoughts about storm costs

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In a brief confirmation, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office said it was finally looking into the billions of dollars added to consumers’ costs of gas and electric bills because of the 2021 winter storm. It raises the question if the AG changed his mind whether to look into the high gas costs.

A spokesman for AG Gentner Drummond responded following news that Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach did more than look into the impact of the gas costs—-he filed suit against a natural gas supplier as OK Energy Today reported this week.

“We are reviewing the matter in Oklahoma to see if there were similar circumstances here,” Drummon spokesman Phil Bacharach told The Oklahoman.

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If that’s so, it might be a second look into the controversial natural gas costs by Drummond following the statement he made earlier this year in an interview with Oklahoma Watch.

“I don’t think it’s the role of the attorney general to dictate to the utilities on how they consume or purchase their fuel.”

As OK Energy Today reported last week, Drummond told Oklahoma Watch utility companies could have opted not to purchase fuel during the storm at an exorbitant price and told consumers at the time, they wouldn’t have electrical power. But they chose not to do so. Instead, they kept supplying power during the storm that resulted in rolling blackouts across Oklahoma.

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