Rep. Bice gets science and budget committee assignments

It's been a first year 'like no other' for Rep. Stephanie Bice | News |


Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice says she has been named to four House Committees in the start of the 118h Congress, including a committee with jurisdiction over the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Energy.

Her Committee assignments include the House Committee on Appropriations, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology chaired by Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas, the House Budget Committee and the Committee on House Administration.

Rep. Bice admitted it is rare to serve on four committees but she is excited about her opportunities.

“These committees will give me the opportunity to advocate for domestic Oklahoma energy, modernize Congressional procedures and processes, making it more accessible and reliable for the American people, and have oversight over how hard-earned Oklahoman’s taxpayer dollars are spent,” said the Republican congresswoman.

Specifically, the Congresswoman will serve on the following subcommittees:

House Appropriations Committee: This committee was established in 1865 and controls discretionary spending and has oversight over the expenditures made by the federal government.

  • Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies subcommittee – which has jurisdiction over the Department of Defense Military Construction, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other related agencies
  • Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies Subcommittee – This subcommittee has jurisdiction over the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Energy, and other related agencies.
  • Legislative Branch Subcommittee – This subcommittee has jurisdiction over the Architect of the Capitol, Capitol Police, the House of Representatives, and other related agencies.

The Committee on House Administration: This committee has jurisdiction over election reform, house operations, house oversight, and capitol security.

  • Subcommittee on Modernization – Congresswoman Bice will be the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Modernization. This subcommittee will focus on making the people’s house more effective and efficient for the American people.

The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: This committee oversees, writes laws, and authorizes funding for government scientific research, development, and demonstration.

  • Energy Subcommittee – This subcommittee has jurisdiction over all matters relating to energy research, and development in order to maximize energy efficiency and production.

“I’m so glad to welcome my fellow Oklahoman Rep. Bice back to the Science Committee,” said Chairman Lucas. “She’s developed a keen understanding of our Committee’s issues, and her input will be critical, particularly as we continue our work to make American energy cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable.”

The House Budget Committee: This committee has jurisdiction over the budget resolution, reconciliation, budget process reform, oversight of the Congressional Budget Office, revisions of allocations and adjustments, and scorekeeping. It has no formal subcommittees.