Legislator wants crackdown on gas pump skimmers


Gas pump skimmers, beware!  Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Wallace of Wellston is coming after you.

He’s filed HB2852 which calls for increased punishment for those who use card-skimming devices on gasoline pumps to catch unsuspecting users.

“Any person convicted of the offense of manipulation of a fuel
dispenser, or the offense of possession of a fuel manipulation
device shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for
not more than five (5) years,” the bill stated.

In case you’ve never been made a victim of a skimmer, they’re credit-card skimming devices installed on gasoline pumps. The devices take information off your card when you swipe it and experts recommend the best way to avoid them is to to use a chip-scanner if it is available on the pump.

Experts point out that skimmers are usually found on gas pumps in areas that are not closely monitored. They also advise to use the pump closest to the building and to avoid using a debit card, if possible. By using a credit card, you don’t have to enter a PIN. The use of a PIN for a debit card allows the crooks to take the money right out of your account.