Legislative bills target wind blade recycling and energy discriminating investors

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A handful of legislative bills regarding Oklahoma’s environment and energy will be considered Wednesday by members of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Among them, measures targeting wind turbine blade recycling, investors of state retirement system accounts and price-gouging exemptions.

One such measure, HB1982 by Rep. Brad Boles of Marlow, would eliminate certain reports by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Rep. Bole is also targeting renewable energy recycling facilities, which under his  HB2359, would have to submit a financial security report on an annual basis with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. His measure specifically cites those firms that recycle wind turbine blades or other components of the renewable energy facilities. Failure to do so could lead to a fine of $500 a day.

HB2542 by Tulsa Rep. Terry O’Donnell and Rep. Mark McBride of Moore proposed a one-time tax credit for investments in qualified cleanburning motor vehicle fuel property or a hydrogen fuel cell.

Another measure by the same two representatives, HB2547, would appear to target financial investors who don’t abide by Oklahoma’s Energy Discrimination Elimination Act. Under the bill, such investors would not be allowed to carry out proxy voting on matters involving a state agency and its investments.

“A governmental entity may not rely on any voting decision
guidance from any company listed on the restricted financial
institutions and companies list maintained under subsection D of
this section,” states the bill. Subsection D applies to public retirement system assets which would not be entrusted to a fiduciary that the fiduciary has a practice and in writing commits to follow the state guidelines.

The last bill to be considered by the Committee is HB2561by Reps. McBride and ODonnell would allow natural gas to be exempted from price controls created by a declaration from the Governor or the President of the Emergency Price Stabilization Act.

The Wednesday committee meeting will be held at 3 p.m. and will be live streamed via internet.