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** The FBI has captured two people, whom the agency describes as “racially or ethnically motivated” extremists, before they could attack Baltimore’s power grid, officials said Monday.

** Linde,, the world’s largest industrial gases company, said on Monday it will invest $1.8 billion to supply clean hydrogen to OCI’s blue ammonia plant in the U.S. state of Texas.

** PG&E Corp. and Sunrun Inc. have formed a partnership to pay homeowners with solar and battery systems to provide power to the California grid and help prevent blackouts when demand spikes in hot weather.

** The Biden administration delays the first auction of wind energy lease areas in the Gulf of Mexico by at least six months to fast-track more oil and gas drilling.

** New legislation in New Jersey would require the state to draw power from only emissions-free energy resources by 2035.


** Russia was willing to meet India’s oil needs at ‘market price’, the CEO of top Russian oil major told Reuters on Monday.

** Flows of Russia’s seaborne crude rose for a fourth time last week to the highest level since June, helped by the diversion of volumes that were previously piped directly to Germany and Poland.

** Europe imposed a ban Sunday on Russian diesel fuel and other refined oil products, slashing energy dependency on Moscow and seeking to further crimp the Kremlin’s fossil fuel earnings as punishment for invading Ukraine.

** Goldman Sachs Asset Management said on Monday it had launched a biomethane business called Verdalia Bioenergy and aimed to invest more than 1 billion euros ($1.08 billion) in Europe over the next four years.

** The US and Brazil, two of the world’s largest biofuels markets, are joining an India-led initiative that will aim to boost demand for the lower-emissions energy source.

** Armed with the world’s largest reserves of nickel and a ban on the export of nickel ore, Indonesia is making itself indispensable for the electric vehicle industry, which uses the metal extensively. In just three years, Indonesia has signed more than a dozen deals worth more than $15 billion for battery and electric vehicle production in the country with manufacturers including Hyundai Motor, LG Group and Foxconn.