Devon’s newest Blaine County wells combine for 3,000 barrels of oil a day

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Reporting the completion reports filed by oil and gas companies in Oklahoma can be tricky. Sometimes, oil firms filed one completion report followed a day, or two later by others.

Such is the case with Devon Energy and its filing of reports for the Cheetah wells the firm drilled in Blaine County. Now it appears the company had four Cheetah wells drilled on a single pad and with combined production of more than 3,000 barrels of oil a day along with more than 28,000 Mcf of natural gas.

The latest filings were for two wells, the Cheetah 29_32-15n-10w 3hx and the Cheetah 29_32-15n-10w 6hx, both located at 20 15N 10W, a site about 8 miles southeast of the city of Watonga.

The Cheetah 29_32-15n-10w 3hx, had production of 632 barrels of oil a day and 5,179 Mcf of natural gas from a total depth of 21,800 feet. Completed in November of 2022, the well had an April 2022 spud date. Its true vertical depth was 11,306 feet.

The second most reported well, the Cheetah 29_32-15n-10w 6hx, produced 739 barrels of oil a day and 8,059 Mcf of natural gas. Completion was in November of last year and the drilled depth was 22,047 feet while the true vertical depth was 11,341 feet. It was spudded March 30 of last year.

The two previous Cheetah wells as reported earlier by OK Energy Today had production of 830 barrels of oil a day and 8,140 Mcf of natural gas and 822 barrels of oil a day and 7,226 Mcf of natural gas.

That made for a combined oil production of 3,023 barrels a day while the combined natural gas production was 28,604 Mcf of natural gas a day.