Colorado Governor to state agencies—do something about high utility bills

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The same soaring prices for natural gas and fuels that resulted in challenging utility bills in Oklahoma prompted one governor to order a state agency to do something about it.

While those same increased bills and assistance were not mentioned in Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s State of the State Address on Monday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, took a different view this week.

On Monday, he directed the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Colorado Energy Office to immediately work to ease the natural gas and energy costs for Colorado residents. He sent an 8-page letter to state regulators and the leaders of the state’s utility companies and cooperatives asking for collaboration in reducing energy costs reported KPVI TV News.

Just like OG&E recently notified its customers to expect increased fuel costs on their monthly bills, Xcel Energy-Colorado did the same thing in warning customers to expect increases in natural gas and electricity. The warning came as Xcel Energy submitted its quarterly fuel price adjustments.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has also in recent weeks handled fuel adjustment requests of several utilities and in every case, the requests focused on higher fuel costs.