Energy users group successful in fighting for PSO customers

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A correction to our story this week about the Oklahoma Corporation Commission regarding PSO and a Voluntary Curtailment Service program.

The Commission, in its 3-0 vote, approved a revised tariff proposed by the Oklahoma Industrial Energy Consumers, one opposed by Public Service Company of Oklahoma. We wrongly reported that PSO’s proposed tariff had been approved by regulators.

OIEC attorney Tom Schroedter explained the Corporation Commission staff did not support his group’s plan but also did not oppose it.

“— the proposed revisions that were adopted by the Commission will benefit OIEC members and all PSO customers as the tariff as revised will promote energy conservation and will result in cost savings to all PSO customers,” remarked Schroedter in an email exchange with OK Energy Today.

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PSO opposed all aspects of the tariff but Schroedter contended the tariff, as proposed by the OIEC and approved by state regulators, “will promote energy conservation and will result in cost savings to all PSO customers.”

Under the new tariff, PSO customers who want to participate will have the option of curtailing usage during high energy market prices. Administrative Law Judge Linda Foreman urged commissioners to approve the plan.

OK Energy Today initially reported Schroedter used an oral arguments session before the Commission to argue against it.

“While the OIEC acknowledges that this tariff provides benefits to customers, the VCS tariff proposed by PSO, also contains a a provision that prevents certain customer from participating in this VCS tariff. That provision in the tariff is not in the public interest. We urge you to reject that provision.”

The 3-0 vote meant that Corporation Commissioners followed his advice and rejected the PSO provision.

“We maintain that prohibition is not in the public interest and it is inconsistent with your policies and your prior orders which encourage customer participation in demand response programs to lower energy costs,” said Schroedter in the oral arguments.

“PSO customers are faced with staggering rate increases and I know you’re aware of this. Thirty-two percent of those increases are largely due to higher energy prices on PSO’s electric system,” said Schroeder. “Unfortunately, PSO’s tariff prevents the additional rate relief that we’re looking for.”

Following the OCC approval of the OIEC tariff proposal, Schroedter said all PSO customers will benefit from the Commisson’s ruling as all customers will benefit from participation in demand response programs.