Texas truckers are largest offenders of Oklahoma trucking enforcement laws

State Agency Makes Traffic Stops, Tickets Drivers for Violations


A monthly report shows that most of the more than 4,600 traffic citations written by Oklahoma Corporation Commission Motor Carrier officers in October involved Texas trucks on Oklahoma highways.

Corporation Commissioners were told this week the October total was 4,642 citations and 1,278 or nearly 28% were issued to Texas truckers. California truckers made up the second highest group and they represented more than 9.5% of the total number of citations.

Nearly 32% of the citations were for overweight vehicles.

The citations also raised $950,805 in fines with $375,400 as a result of the 1,468 overweight tickets.

The number of citations issued in October 2022 was lower than six previous Octobers beginning in 2014. The dollar amount in fines is also lower than previous Octobers.

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