Grady County wells reported by Gulfport Midcon


Oklahoma City’s Gulfport Midcon LLC filed completion reports on two Grady County wells drilled on a single pad with combined production of 1,220 barrels of oil a day.

The Scr 1-31x6h, drilled at 31 4N 5W, a site north of Cox City, produced 638 barrels of oil a day and 8,787 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 22,477 feet in the Woodford formation. The completion report showed the well was completed July 13 of this year following an early January spudding.

The second well on the same pad, the Scr 2-31x6h, produced 548 barrels of oil a day and 13,712 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth was 25,688 feet n the Woodford. The completion report showed it had been spudded a few days after Christmas 2021.