Oklahoma regulators to consider rule changes and OUSF funding

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Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners will meet Tuesday morning to consider a number of changes to Petroleum Storage Tank rules.

The proposed new rules apply to fuel inspection, antifreeze, underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, indemnity fund, and corrective action of storage tank releases.

Commissioners might also consider a possible vote on a recommended change in funding for the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund.

The recommendation from Brandy Wreath, Administrator of the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund also has the support of an Administrative Law judge.

Universal Service Fund | The Journal Record

The funding change would be an adjustment to the Connections-Based Assessment Factor of the OUSF. The ALJ’s recommendation also included support for contributing providers, in other words independent telephone operators, to pass-through added costs. The additional cost would be $1.85 per customer.

The recommendation from Wreath and the ALJ urged commissioners to allow the new assessment to take effect as quickly as possible.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m.