Undecideds up for grabs in Corporation Commission GOP runoff

Republican Corporation Commission hopefuls try to get voters' attention for runoff | | news-journal.com


In the few days before the state’s primary run-off election, one political poll suggested a lot of voters either aren’t sure who to support in the GOP Corporation Commission run-off race, don’t know much about the candidates or haven’t bothered to learn anything about them.

The Oklahoman reported former state Senator Kim David had an 11- point lead over former state Rep. Todd Thomsen.

A poll conducted by Amber Integrated of Oklahoma City reported David with 32% support of Republican votes while Thomsen had 21% support.

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The bigger picture was the undecideds. They totaled 41% before Tuesday’s run-off voting. Such an amount of voters who aren’t sure who to support in the race would indicate those voters could swing the decision either way—giving Thomsen a come-from-behind win or assuring a victory for David in the statewide vote.

David is a former state senator from Porter in eastern Oklahoma. Thomsen is a former state Representative from Ada. Whoever wins the run-off will go against Tulsa Democrat Margaret Warigia Bowman and Inola independent Don Underwood. The winner will get a six-year term to replace Commissioner Dana Murphy who is term limited.


David spent a dozen years in the state Senate representing voters in Wagoner and parts of Cherokee, Muskogee and Okmulgee counties and received 41% of the votes in the primary.

Thomsen also spent 12 years in the legislature, as a Representative in southeast Oklahoma. Before his departure in 2018, he chaired the House Utilities Committee and also was a member of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He received 26% of the votes in the GOP primary.