Partial Settlement of Pawnee and Cushing Earthquakes Available Through Class Action Lawsuit

Oklahomans who suffered earthquake damage near Pawnee may be eligible to participate in an $850,000 class action settlement. According to a recent notification, a settlement was reached in a lawsuit involving the operation of wastewater disposal wells by Eagle Road Oil, LLC between November 15, 2014 and the Effective Date. A series of powerful earthquakes registering more than 5.0 in magnitude rocked the area within a 50-mile radius of Pawnee as well as Cushing. Although Eagle Road denies the allegations contained in the class action lawsuit, it has settled the lawsuit. The lawsuit will continue against the remaining non-settling defendants, Cummings Oil Company, Territory Resources, LLC, and EnerVest Operating, L.L.C.

If approved, settlement proceeds will be available to eligible participants based on qualified claims. A claim form must be submitted in order to receive benefits from the settlement. The deadline to submit a claim is December 29, 2022.

To review the class action settlement notification, click here.