NRC Webinar to Discuss Review of Supplemental Environmental Reports for Subsequent License Renewal

Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will discuss plans to review supplemental environmental reports related to renewals of nuclear power reactor licenses (from 60 to 80 years) in a webinar on August 17.

Earlier this year, the Commission directed the NRC staff to update the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants to cover the subsequent license renewal period after concluding that the generic analysis did not address the environmental impacts during this period.

Separately, the Commission provided direction for pending subsequent license renewal proceedings, stating that it is not necessary for subsequent renewal applicants with open proceedings to revise their already submitted environmental reports; however, the Commission stated that subsequent renewal applicants with open proceedings may submit a revised environmental report on environmental impacts from 60 to 80 years if they choose not to wait for the NRC staff’s completion of the generic analysis and associated rulemaking.

The webinar will be an informational meeting with a Q&A session to address the NRC staff’s review of revised or supplemental environmental reports. The purpose is primarily informational as the NRC is not specifically seeking input on this issue.

NRC staff will start the webinar by describing a proposed path for reviewing the reports. The remainder of the meeting will allow for questions and discussion from reactor licensees and the public.

Meeting details can be found at Public Meeting Schedule: Meeting Details |