Gas prices drop nationally but not in Oklahoma

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U.S. gas prices fell by more than 5 cents on average on Monday but not in Oklahoma where prices rose one cent or more. As a result, Oklahoma is no longer on the list of states with the lowest prices in the country.

While the national average slipped to $3.89 as of Tuesday morning, still 74 cents higher than a year ago, prices in Oklahoma rose to a new average of $3.52. A week ago, the Oklahoma average was $3.51 and a month ago, drivers paid an average $4.04 a gallon.

Triple A reported Oklahoma City’s average was $3.52 on Tuesday, two cents higher than a week ago and far lower than the $4.10 average one month earlier.

Tulsa drivers paid $3.50 on average Tuesday, 15 cents more than a week earlier but still lower than the $3.88 average a month ago.

Only one county in the state has an average higher than $4. Coal County’s average this week hit $4.12 per gallon. Beaver County in the Panhandle averaged $3.97 a gallon reported AAA.

Cheapest gas in Oklahoma City’s metro? $3.07 at a Sam’s Club in Midwest City reported GasBuddy.


Oklahoma’s average of $3.52 compared to $3.51 in Kansas, $3.88 in Colorado, $3.71 in New Mexico, $3.43 in Texas, $3.40 in Arkansas and $3.47 in Missouri.

Despite the lower prices nationally, AAA had words of caution this week.

“Drivers are now benefiting from gas prices that are $1.11 less than their peak in mid-June,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “But now we need to keep an eye on the weather as hurricane season arrives. These storms can affect prices by disrupting oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and impacting large coastal refineries.”