PSO promotes contributions to help customers who can’t afford their utility bills

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On top of inflation, summer temperatures add to a customer’s bill. Some have challenges in meeting the financial challenge. That’s why Public Service Company observes July as Home Energy Aid Month.

Home Energy Aid Month is an annual effort uniting PSO, The Salvation Army, City of Tulsa, and other local utilities to help raise awareness and support for area residents who need temporary
assistance to pay their home heating or cooling bill. Families and individuals who qualify for Home Energy Aid receive assistance through the Salvation Army to help pay their utility bills.

“Every year, our customers show compassion and generously assist those who are facing shortterm financial hardship,” said PSO Vice President of External Affairs Tiffini Jackson. “They
understand the importance of helping their neighbors during hard times and with PSO matching donations this month, it’s a great time to donate. PSO pays administrative fees so 100% of your
donation goes directly to individuals and families in need.”

PSO’s Light A Life program was established to provide customers a way to help our neighbors during their time of hardship. PSO customers who pay through mail may include a donation in their regular payment and check the Light a Light box on the bill stub.

Online customers can donation through the Light A Life page on the PSO website. Donations may also be made directly to The Salvation Army at

Every penny donated goes to those in need. No money raised is used for administrative or operational costs All donations are tax-deductible.