Power grid monitoring electricity use in expected high temperatures

Southwest Power Pool


A weekend letup in the extreme heat in Oklahoma and the remaining 13 states under the Southwest Power Pool grid resulted in a return to normal power operations.

But the SPP said in a statement that the coming week it anticipates higher loads and concerns regarding the availability of generation resources.  The grid operators said the Conservative Operations and Resource Advisories issued earlier in the week expired late Thursday night. However effective Monday, July 25, a Resource Advisory will take place in the 14-state area.

Resource Advisories do not require the public to conserve energy. Under a Resource Advisory, the SPP Balancing Authority may use greater-than-usual unit commitment notification timeframes, make commitments earlier than under standard day-ahead market procedures and/or commit resources in Reliability status.

SPP issues Resource Advisories when extreme weather, significant outages, wind-forecast uncertainty and/or load-forecast uncertainty are expected in SPP’s reliability coordination service territory.

Generation and transmission operators have been provided instructions on applicable procedures, including to report any limitations, fuel shortages or concerns. SPP will send additional information if necessary. Individuals should contact their local utility for details specific to their area.