More energy headlines

** A weekend heat wave across Texas causes power demand to spike at 75 GW, a new record for the state grid, which appeared to hold steady without major disruptions.

** A new $90 million, natural gas-powered peaker plant comes online in South Dakota.

** Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine asks the U.S. EPA to permanently remove restrictions on the year-round sale of 15% ethanol fuel.

** Major tech companies and renewable energy buyers push back on a nearly $4 billion MidAmerican Energy wind project planned in Iowa, saying it’s not in the best interest of customers.

** Five startups across the U.S. are looking to make lithium-ion battery recycling more environmentally friendly, efficient, and profitable.

** Annual financial reports by 119 publicly traded exploration and production companies show aggregate proved reserves of crude oil and natural gas increased by 19.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) in 2021.