July 4th holiday travel still expected to be high despite gasoline costs

ALDOT prepares for Fourth of July traffic - Alabama Trucking Association  Alabama Trucking Association


Whether it’s $5 a gallon gasoline or other inflationary costs, AAA doesn’t expect any record July Fourth Holiday travel in Oklahoma. But it will still be high.

The travel group projects more than 510,000 Oklahoma will travel a distance of 50 miles or more over the Independent Day Holiday. Of that number, more than 80% of travelers – or more than 410,000 Oklahomans – will be hitting the roads and highways for the holiday, up a mere 0.3% compared to last year despite record gas prices.

AAA reported that air travel and other modes of travel  transportation (trains, cruises and buses) are up significantly compared to last year. Air travel will see a 2.5% increase over last year, with nearly 68,000 Oklahomans taking to the skies this Independence Day weekend.

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“The volume of travelers we expect to see over Independence Day is a definite sign that summer travel is kicking into high gear,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA Oklahoma spokesperson. “Earlier this year, we started seeing the demand for travel increase and it’s not tapering off. People are ready for a break and despite things costing more, they are finding ways to still take that much needed vacation.”

2022 Projected Independence Day Holiday Travelers – Oklahoma



Total Population

2022 Travelers

Percent of population traveling

Percent change vs. 2021

Oklahoma TOTAL

Auto, Air & Other





Oklahoma Auto

80.5% of people travel by car




Oklahoma Air

13.3% of people travel by air




Oklahoma Other

(train, bus, cruise, etc.)

5.5% of people travel by other





National TOTAL

329.5 million*

47.9 million



National Auto


88% of people travel by car

42.0 million



National Air


7% of people travel by air

3.6 million



National Other

(train bus, cruise, etc.)

5% of people travel by other

2.4 million