Gasoline at $5.17 a gallon in southeast Oklahoma

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While you fill up your car or pickup truck with gasoline averaging $4.65 a gallon in Oklahoma, consider what Rystad Energy predicted on Friday—US gas prices will likely surge even higher.

The energy research and business intelligence company headquartered in Norway said we can expect higher prices because of dwindling stockpiles and the struggle by refineries to keep up to meet demand.

Rystand’s Per Magnus Nysveen said while wholesale gasoline prices fell in the past week, the reprieve is likely to be temporary reported Business Insider.

Oklahoma gasoline prices averaged $4.655 a gallon on Friday, up 6 cents from the previous Friday. Diesel fuel averaged $5.27 a gallon compared to $5.20 a gallon a week earlier.

Oklahoma City gasoline averaged $4.70 a gallon on Friday, up from $4.63 the previous week. Tulsa gasoline prices averaged $4.52, down a penny in the previous week.

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Three counties in Oklahoma had Friday gasoline averages of more than $5 a gallon. Coal County in the southeast was highest at $5.17 a gallon. Ellis County in the northwest had an average of $5.06 while Harmon in the southwest averaged $5.05 a gallon.