Headlines of other energy stories

** The Biden administration on Monday overturned a controversial Trump-era policy that would have opened new swathes of Arctic Alaska to oil development. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), part of the Department of Interior, resurrected Obama-era management policies in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, a 23-million-acre (9.3 million hectare) area on the western side of Alaska’s North Slope.

** U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia meets with Democratic and Republican lawmakers as he looks to build a climate and energy bill that will win over Republicans and avoid the reconciliation process.

** Enterprise, one of the largest midstream master limited partnerships in North America, hasn’t expanded into the energy-transition space as much as Oxy, but the company did note last summer that it is looking into it.

** Major storms knocked out power to more than 900,000 Ohio utility customers last year, and experts say the problems could get worse if utilities don’t do more to prepare the grid for climate change.

** Ford plans to scale up production of its electric F150 truck over the next year to be early in what’s expected to be a competitive segment of electric vehicles.

** The Energy Information Administration reported electric power sector generation from renewable sources totaled 795 million megawatthours (MWh) in the United States during 2021, surpassing nuclear generation, which totaled 778 million MWh.

** On Earth Day, April 22, Boulder resident Wynn Bruce, 50, set himself on fire outside of the United States Supreme Court building, dying from injuries sustained during the act on the following day. A report from the New York Post pins environment-related reasons as his likely motive.

** Climate advocates occupy Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco and call on the bank to stop funding oil and gas companies.


** Asian oil refiners are shunning a major export grade from the Russian Far East due to sanctions on a tanker company that ships the cargoes. Buyers are now trying to back out of purchases of Sokol, which was sold out for May-loading two weeks ago, said people with knowledge of the matter.