Climate change—not Russian oil ban to be focus of House Committee hearing

House Science Committee Holds Hearing on Its Own Authority: Chairman Smith  Circles the Wagons - Union of Concerned Scientists


While Congress clamors for President Biden to stop stalling and implement an immediate ban on U.S. purchases of Russian oil, amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Congressional committees are pushing forward with climate change as pushed by Democrat leaders.

Oklahoma congressman Frank Lucas and Rep. Stephanie Bice, both members of the House Science and Technology committee will take part Tuesday in a committee hearing on the subject of “Federal Climate Adaptation and Resilience for the 21st Century.

They will hear testimony and have an opportunity to question witnesses: Dr. Richard Spinrad, Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Ingrid Kolb, Director, Office of Management, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Department of Energy; Dr. Joel Carney, Assistant Administrator, Office of Strategic Infrastructure, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Alfredo GomezDirector, Natural Resources and Environment, Government Accountability Office.