Bice offers Act to stop oil purchases from Venezuela

Venezuela's Petroleum Industry Looking Into the Abyss | Pipeline Technology  Journal
Oklahoma congresswoman Stephanie Bice wants to make sure the U.S. does not buy any oil from Venezuela, an idea that President Biden and his administration offered as an alternative to ending purchases of Russian oil.
Rep. Bice joined Florida Congressman Scott Franklin in the introduction of the Prohibiting Oil Trade with Venezuela’s Tyrant Act.
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“There is no need to rely on foreign countries for oil and gas when our nation is the best at producing clean, reliable, and affordable energy. The United States should not provide money and support to the socialist and brutal Maduro regime. Instead, American dollars should be used to renew American energy independence in states like Oklahoma,” said Bice in a statement released by her office.
The act would require the president to prohibit the importation of all petroleum products originating from Venezuela. The bill was developed in response to reports that the Biden Administration discussed loosening sanctions on Venezuela’s Máduro regime.
Source: Bice release