Corporation Commission website to be improved

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The  Oklahoma Corporation Commission is making another effort to make its website more “user” friendly. The latest move is the creation of a separate tab on the top navigation bar for court docket and public meetings.


“We are making this change to help the public quickly find information about public meetings, including Commission meetings, and so that it’s easier to find documents related to what’s on our court docket,” stated the announcement.

Screenshot of OCC's home page

For more details on changes coming to the Court Dockets and Public Meetings landing pages, see the attached document.

“We appreciate your patience as we continually work to respond to stakeholders and ensure our website is easy to navigate.

Still can’t find something? Use the search bar at the top right-hand side of the website.

You’re always welcome to reach out to the Office of Public Information for feedback or questions on how to navigate our website:”