Western grouse rules could impact Oklahoma drilling ventures

FILE - In this April 20, 2013 file photo, male Greater Sage Grouse perform their mating ritual on a lake near Walden, Colo.  The Biden administration is considering new measures to protect the ground-dwelling bird that was once found across much of the U.S. West. It has lost vast areas of habitat in recent decades due to oil and gas drilling, grazing, wildfires and other pressures. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)


In a move that could affect Oklahoma energy companies and their oil and gas exploration in Wyoming, the Biden administration plans to consider new measures to protect greater sage grouse, a bird species with the highest population in the state.

Wyoming leaders say such moves will possibly limit or create more restrictions for drilling companies reported the Associated Press.

The announcement of a range-wide evaluation of habitat plans for greater sage grouse came after the Trump administration tried to scale back conservation efforts adopted when Biden was vice president in 2015.

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