Stitt uses energy industry leadership for campaign fundraising

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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt launched his re-election campaign fundraising this week with a focus on the harm the Biden administration has caused to the country’s oil and gas industry and Oklahoma’s energy leadership.

In a fund-raising letter, Stitt started by saying, “When I saw President Biden begging the OPEC cartel to produce more oil, I was stunned.”

He went on to call Oklahoma the “energy center of the world,” a state that is 6th in oil production, 4th in gas production and 2nd in wind production.

“On Day One of his presidency, President Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, banned exploration of oil and gas on public land and he’s given us crisis after crisis including a southern border that is being overrun, a debacle in Afghanistan that cost American lives and trillions of dollars in higher taxes and out-of-control spending,” continued the Governor.

“Here in Oklahoma, we would give President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi a tutorial in how to make government work,” he added.

Stitt’s fund-raising letter called Oklahoma the most pro-business state in America, said it was the first state to fully reopen after COVID and its economy is in the Top Ten for economic recovery.