Other energy stories around the US and world

** Protests at the White House on Monday led to 136 arrests, including many Indigenous leaders opposing fossil fuel projects.

** The Western States Petroleum Association has filed a 91-page lawsuit against California’s denial of fracking permit applications, claiming it oversteps the administration’s authority as laid out in the state Constitution.

** Mexico’s president presented details on Monday of a proposal that is likely to squeeze out hundreds of private power generating plants and may provoke complaints under the Mexico-U.S.-Canada free trade accord.

** U.S. automaker Ford will temporarily suspend production from Oct. 11-12 at its Hermosillo plant in Mexico because of a shortage of material, the plant’s labor union said.

** Tribal activists plan to continue a legal fight and protests against the Line 3 pipeline, which resumed operations earlier this month.

** Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is “acting like she’s her own sovereign nation” as she attempts to shut down the Line 5 pipeline and draws the ire of the Canadian government, an editorial board writes.

** Kentucky and Tennessee offered hundreds of million dollars in grants, performance loans, and workforce development funding to lure Ford Motor Co.’s recently announced electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plants.