Honda Accelerates North American Vision To Be Fully Electric by 2040

In less than three years, you’ll be seeing the new Honda Prologue hit the road. Honda recently announced the name of its first new volume electric, signaling a new era that will lead to the company’s vision for 100% zero emission vehicle sales in North America by 2040, according to a company press release issued Monday.

An all-new SUV coming to market in early 2024, the battery-electric Honda Prologue will be highly competitive with the functionality expected by Honda customers.

The Japanese automaker will also introduce an all-electric Acura SUV in 2024. Both will utilize the highly flexible global EV platform powered by Ultium batteries based on the company’s strategic partnership with General Motors. Honda also plans to launch a new series of EV models in the second half of the decade based on a new e:Architecture, with development led by Honda.

“Our first volume Honda BEV will begin our transition to electrification and the name Honda Prologue signals the role it will play in leading to our zero-emission future,” said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of American Honda. “The Prologue will provide our customers with a battery-electric SUV with the excellent functionality and packaging they’ve come to expect from Honda.”

In April 2021, Honda global CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, announced a vision to achieve carbon-neutrality for its products and corporate activities by 2050, including key targets for sales of electrified vehicles. This vision calls for the sales ratio of battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles in North America to progress from 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2035 to 100% by 2040.

Honda introduced the EV Plus electric vehicle to the U.S. market in 1997, nearly a quarter century ago. A proven leader in innovation, Honda launched America’s first hybrid, the Honda Insight in 1999 and the Honda FCX in 2002. As Honda prepares for the launch of Prologue, the company will introduce hybrid-electric systems to more core models to continue to reduce CO2 emissions and bridge customers to the volume battery-electric vehicles now in development.

Honda achieved record sales of electrified vehicles in each of the past three years, with that sales momentum continuing in 2021. Led by CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid, Honda has just recorded its best-ever first-half year of electrified vehicle sales.