Tulsa energy firm’s fraud and theft lawsuit moved to New Mexico


A lawsuit filed by Tulsa-based White Buffalo Environmental, Inc. against former employees in Texas and New Mexico is being transferred to New Mexico federal court on orders of Tulsa federal Judge Gregory K. Frizzell.

The lawsuit filed by company president Steve McFarlin accused former employee Natalie Gladden and others of conspiring in 2019 to force his firm’s operation in Hobbs, New Mexico out of business so they could form their own firm. He sued Gladden, her newly-opened firm Hungry Horse, LLC and others, accusing them of moving files and customers and destroying thousands of the company’s soil samples.

The lawsuit by White Buffalo claims there were also timesheet fraud and embezzlement and theft of company files.

Judge Frizzell issued his ruling in a move by the defendants who argued the Tulsa U.S. District Court did not have jurisdiction.