State issues boil order for Sardis Lake Water Authority in SE Oklahoma


The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality  has advised the Sardis Lake Water Authority, located in Pushmataha County because of what it called “high turbidity” and “inadequate water treatment process.”

The DEQ said the boil order was not related to the Coronavirus or COVID-109 pandemic and it remained continue to continue to wash hands during the order.

The DEQ issued a notice on Sunday informing residents and users of the drinking water to use water that has been brought to a full, rolling boil for at least one minute, bottled water, or water from another acceptable source for consumption, use in food preparation, dishwashing and brushing teeth.

The following water systems purchase water from the Sardis Lake Water Authority, and therefore are also under the boil order:

  • Clayton PWA
  • Pushmataha Co. RWD #1
  • Pushmataha Co. RWD #5 (Nashoba)
  • Saddle Gap portion of Latimer Co. RWD #2
  • Sardis Lake Corps of Engineers facilities at Potatoe Hills
  • Sardis Lake Corps of Engineers facilities at Sardis Cove

The Department of Environmental Quality said its boil order applied only to the Sardis Lake Water Authority and the water systems that purchase water from it.

It does not include many areas of Pushmataha or Latimer Counties.

Source: OK DEQ