Sierra Club says Consumer’s natural gas report is “misguided”


The Sierra Club takes issue with the Consumer Energy Alliance which announced this week the savings of billions of dollars for Oklahomans through the use of natural gas.

Rebecca Kling, Associate Press Secretary of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign says the Alliance is not a “neutral voice” because it is funded by fossil fuel companies.

As for the CEA’s contention that Oklahoma’s energy resources and pipeline network are threatened by out-of-state activists, “This is far from the complete picture and it’s frustrating to hear an industry group’s claims taken at face value,” added Kling.

She says at best, the CEA’s report is a “misguided misrepresentation of the facts.”

Kling said not all of the activists are out of state and some are from Oklahoma “working to ensure Oklahoma has access to safe, affordable and clean energy sources.”

She said “natural” (fracked) gas is none of the above.”

The publicly-stated goal of the Beyond Coal Campaign is “to close all coal plants in the U.S. and replace them entirely with sources of clean energy.”

Source: Beyond Coal Campaign