Oklahomans split their votes in continued funding for government


Oklahomans in the House split their votes on Tuesday in passing the short-term continuing resolution to continue funding of the federal government through December 11.

The vote was 359 in support of H.R. 8337 and 57 against. Those voting no included Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK 1) while Rep. Markwayne Mulling (R-OK2) did not take part in the vote.

Oklahoma’s remaining Representatives Tom Cole (R-OK-04), Kendra Horn (D-OK-05) and Frank Lucas (R-OK-03) voted for the measure.

Rep. Cole said the measure was not ideal but he voted for it.

“But in the interim, I am grateful that both sides could ultimately come to the table to prevent a government shutdown, ensuring vital programs and services continue for millions of Americans while also delivering needed support for our struggling farmers and ranchers and replenishing aid to continue nutritious meals for low-income children.”

Rep. Hern explained he has long held the belief that the government should not operate on short-term spending bills.

“These stop-gap funding measures prolong the true work of governing and allocate funds with zero framework or budget behind it. For too long, we have depended on these short-term bills rather than doing the work of drafting a budget and allocating those funds with 12 appropriations bills. Frankly, it’s embarrassing that we can’t complete a task that millions of families and businesses do all the time: operate under a budget. I hope that partisan fights stop getting in the way of our constitutional responsibility.”

While Rep. Lucas voted for it, he also said Congress must not continue the legacy of passing continuing resolutions after continuing resolutions.


“The measure passed by the House not only keeps the government’s lights on, but it also keeps critical programs funded and operational, including vital Farm Bill programs providing ongoing COVID-19 relief to America’s farmers and ranchers.”