Democrats’ clean energy bill includes amendments from OK Reps


While the White House has already threatened to veto a sprawling clean energy package proposed by Democrats, the House Rules Committee lined up 98 amendments to be heard this week including three by Oklahoma Representatives.

Republican Rep. Frank Lucas offered two amendments which according  to the committee will get 10 minutes of debate. Each would require certain steps to be taken as Congress considered a reduction of global emissions and meet 100% of the power demand through clean, renewable, or zero emissions.

One would “prioritize investment in domestic energy sources and supply chains as well as investment in the research and development of exportable next-generation energy technologies.

Another of the Lucas amendments would require the Secretary of Energy to prioritize funding for critical fundamental research infrastructure and for basic research and development activities carried out through the Office of Science.

Rep. Kendra Horn, the state’s lone Democrat in the House offered an amendment to be considered that would make sure geothermal energy is considered a renewable energy produced.

But the President already says he will veto the entire package, issuing an administration statement.

“This legislation would bypass well-established processes and procedures and would impose substantial, unwarranted costs on Federal, State, and local agencies and other key stakeholders in both public and private sectors,” the statement of administration policy said, adding that White House advisers would recommend Trump veto the measure should it reach his desk.

The Rules panel made 98 amendments in order at a Monday hearing. Among the amendments are several related to environmental justice, including one to create a climate justice grants program under EPA for climate mitigation and climate adaptation projects, and another that requires EPA to identify 100 communities overburdened by pollution violations and implement strategies for ending those violations.