Oklahoma Indian activist urges Democrats to destroy capitalism


The same Oklahoma Indian activist who made a run for Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner in 2018 was one of those taking part this week in a Democratic National Convention panel where she urged the destruction of capitalism in the U.S.

Ashly Nicole McCray, known for her often blunt in-your-face opposition to police and government regulators was featured as a DNC Youth Council panelist. She calls herself an environmentalist and community organizer.

“The future that we all want, we’re all trying to build, is about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy and capitalism,” said McCray during her appearance on the DNC panel. “We must really move away from these systems and these frameworks.”

Her comments drew the attention of the website, White House Dossier and reporter Keith Koffler.

Click here to view his report about McCray’s comments.

McCray, who has taught at the University of Oklahoma went on to offer her support for the Green New Deal.

As OK Energy Today pointed out in a 2018 interview with McCray about her candidacy for the corporation commission, she was recognized for her environmental protests including a picture of her holding a banner that stated “F*** the police!”

She later stated she was not anti-police and was not against oil.

“I agree with you that my tactics aren’t always the most friendly or the best and I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot especially off this campaign. It’s definitely helped me grow and my understanding of all the issues that we’re being faced with. at the same time, it’s helped me create better strategies than holding signs that say “F*** the police,” she said in the 2018 interview.