COVID-19 results in 142 workers losing jobs in Norman


More Oklahomans are getting a taste of what oil and gas workers experienced in the past several months—the loss of their jobs. The latest are 142 employees of the Vetta Brands operation in Norman where the apparels plant is being shut down.

In a WARN notice sent to the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development, Vetta’s Chief Financial Office Jeff Marshall explained the first job separations occurred this week when 54 employees were terminated.

A second round of separations will happen between Sept. 7 and Sept. 21 when 41 employees will lose their jobs. The third round will affect 44 employees who will be terminated between Oct. 5 and Oct. 16. The last separations will affect three employees and happen sometime in mid-November.

“As a result of a lack of liquidity and financial support, Vetta, LLC and its subsidiaries including Top of the World LLC have commenced an immediate wind down of their operations,” wrote Marshall in the notice.

“We have been actively seeking capital for over 60-days and believed that financing that would have been sufficient to enable the company to avoid a closure could be obtained.”

But it didn’t happen and as a result, the plant located at 2801 Technology Place in Norman will be closed.