Treasurer’s Office returns to State Capitol


There’s a reason Oklahoma Treasurer Randy McDaniel is smiling this week.  After 13 months of working at a remote location, he and his staff returned to their newly-renovated offices in the capitol.

It was June of last year when the Office of the Treasurer left the Capitol Building for the first time since it moved there in 1917.

This is what the office looked like prior to the start of the renovations.

Energy company representatives who might have had business with the treasurer had to take care of it in the Commerce Center, 9520 N. May Avenue in Oklahoma City.

The renovations of the Treasurer’s office are part of the comprehensive renovation of the capitol building. Below are pictures of ongoing work at the capitol as posted on Twitter by @CapitolRestore.

A new visitor’s entrance is being completed while below, the picture shows workers doing renovations to the ceiling of the State House.

Click here to view a video made in June summarizing the renovations and repairs so far.